By Shawn Randall


     Knowledge from beyond one's own consciousness is available to everyone from discarnate entities which can be conceptualized and/or described as 'spirit guides,' 'counselors,' or 'unseen friends.' All people have such sources of guiding wisdom available to them through conscious telepathic linkage if they choose to avail themselves of it. Through a process of learned attunement to these unseen sources of intelligence individuals are able to receive informative messages involving guidance, counseling, support, inspiration, information and loving encouragement. These communications can provide assistance, which helps individuals in their human development and spiritual growth. This provides greater self-responsibility, which results in more happiness and peace in daily life. Phases of increasing closeness and awareness of 'the other' source of intelligence can be developed by individuals bringing stronger and clearer communication.

     Since 1984 I have been a teacher of this phenomena which includes communication with the unseen in the forms of telepathy during meditation, semi automatic writing, automatic writing, mediumship (messages from the dead) and relay channeling (speaking aloud, or relaying, messages heard in one's mind). The phrase 'relay channeling' is a descriptive term for telepathically receiving information from paranormal resources and relaying them outwardly. This is different from full trance vocal channeling in which a discarnate entity speaks through an individual. It is my opinion and my belief that individuals who are properly trained can avail themselves of the wisdom of other dimensional intelligences - for they do exist.


     The existence of unseen friends cannot yet be proved. However, quantum physics has yet to actually 'see' a sub atomic particle, such as a quark. Subatomic particles are only presumed to exist by the trail they leave, by their measured effect. They cannot yet be seen or measured in and of themselves. Only their movement, their vibration, their function, their result can be observed and measured. Quarks are only 'proved' to exist by the observation of their effects: the vibration, the trails they leave behind. (Perhaps this means a quark is known by its quack - sorry, I couldn't resist!) This is the same case with receiving information from unseen friends (relay channeling). The effects, the trails left by the unseen friends are seen as the improvement in people's lives as a result of the communications. What greater proof is needed?

           My twenty-four years of giving classes which effectively connect individuals to their unseen

      friends have demonstrated there is substantial value to be gained.

Individuals' lives have been greatly enhanced in positive ways and a sense of empowerment is felt. People feel more connected to All That Is/God/Goddess/ Supreme Source - whatever verbiage is preferred. Psychological healings take place in the context of these communications. There is humor and laughter inherent in the communication process. Is proof needed when everyone is feeling so good and there is value gained?