The function of multidimensional communication functions well for individuals who explore it with an open yet discerning mind. The lack of proof of the realness of unseen friends does not diminish the positive effects. The function and result is what counts. "The proof is in the pudding" - the pudding is how people are helped in their lives.


Let's look at the function of quantum mechanics. Quantum physicists are scientists who are at this time exploring the probability of non-local consciousness - consciousness that exists beyond time and space, as we know it. In the future there may be more than shreds of evidence. Some theoretical physicists, (yes, 'scientists') maintain an open mind - you should too! If the information from unseen friends is indeed contact with the non-local universal mind and blips and bleeps from cosmic thought are transmitted through non-local means, this bears further exploration. If scientific theory is to grow it must be explored. Quantum physics is still in its infancy stages and could yet prove the existence of non-local consciousness. I say let's stay open and playful! Let's let the quark quack and hear what it says. Then perhaps the quark will be tangibly revealed!


There is value in how guides function in people's lives whether they can be proved objectively 'real' or not. The people who connect consciously with unseen friends do not become psychotic, neurotic, compulsive, addictive, self destructive, violent, delusional, or obsessive as a result of their communications. They are healthy, balanced members of society.


The mental rapport achieved with a guide is used only for the higher good of the individual and not to anyone else's detriment. People who channel other dimensional sources of wisdom achieve greater self-responsibility - not less. This I have personally seen in countless cases with my students who are well adjusted and are personally and professionally successful individuals functioning productively in society. Professions of learned channels include: realtor, computer programmer, bank officer, script supervisor, actor, production assistant (film industry), landscape artist, interior designer, businessman, yoga instructor, journalist, talk show host, book store owner, to name a few.


Friends and family of people who use a practical and communicative relationship with unseen friends productively in their lives note positive changes over time: less anger, more joy; less hurt, more self expression; less victimhood, more active self responsibility. No one is hurt. Everyone around the individual benefits from the person being a happier, more integrated, more individuated individual. Borrowing from the Bible, I would say of the channeled unseen friends "By their fruits shall ye know them."

2008, Shawn Randall


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