Now lets consider the use of intention. When you focus your intention to receive meaningful information or guidance you are thereby asking for messages from the universe and you are tugging on the net. When you tug the net the unseen reality aligns to put just the right piece of information in front of you, or the phone rings and it is the person you need to hear from, or you open a book to just the message you need to read. etc. etc. Certainly these sorts of events happen to everyone but you can make them happen for yourself. Simply set your intention to receive a synchronicity, focus upon your question with intensity and let your intentions tug the net.


     As you intend to receive a synchronicity already energies are at work. You have put into motion the consciousness of your conscious mind, your unconscious mind and your higher conscious mind. This begins to orchestrate Universal Intelligence to deliver to you what you need to know. Your tug of the net brings to you meaningful occurrences that are too unusual to be mere coincidence: running into that friend you wanted to call, a paper in the street stuck to you foot with a job idea or article that inspires you, for example. Look for the synchronicity. It will arrive magically in your reality. Receive it.


     Then you must ponder the message. Usually a synchronicity contains more meaning than what appears obvious to you at first. Think it through. Digest it. Look to the deeper meanings. Most importantly, use the information. In time you will find more and more meaningful messages coming to you from your whole reality with the magic of synchronicity. You will feel more and more aligned with Universal Intelligence and consequently with your own highest path and highest good in your life...and that's no accident!   Much love to all...Torah


Excerpted from Sincronia en tu Vida by Shawn Randall and Torah (available in Spanish only).

© Copyright 2007, Shawn Randall


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