Celebrate the Infinite Enormity of the Intuitive Mind
Torah channeled by Shawn Randall
December 20, 2006 - Woodland Hills, CA


     The development of one's personal intuition leads to discovery of many kinds - including the higher conscious mind. Becoming intimate with one's intuition, having regular communication with it and using it in daily life is the most practical, comfortable way people can begin to embrace their higher consciousness. For most people in the consensus reality, the doorway to practical interaction with the higher self (one's higher consciousness) is through intuition.

     We are not saying intuition and the higher consciousness are the same thing. They are not the same thing. However, they are part of each other just as shape is part of a ball. Shape is not the same as the matter of the ball. They go hand in hand - shape and substance - yet are not the same thing. Intuition and higher consciousness go hand in hand - but they're not the same thing. They're distinct yet a part of one another.

     Using intuition is a doorway to higher consciousness and the doorway goes in both directions. Interacting with one's higher consciousness is a doorway into intuition and to developing skill in personal intuition (letting it be very accurate). The development can work in both directions. In other words, intuition gives entrance to higher consciousness and higher consciousness give entrance to intuition. (The higher consciousness - higher self - is a vast subject too large to fully address here. We'll have to a assume the reader is aware of it to some degree.)

Choose to use Intuition Consciously

     We recommend people become more active with their intuition as a conscious choice. In fact, become active and interactive with intuition. Become intimate with it. Let it be your friend. You can ask your intuition questions as if it is another part of yourself. For example, you can say, "I'm going to speak to my intuitive mind right now. What are you, my intuitive mind, telling me about a challenge I might meet today? What are you telling me about how to meet that challenge?"

     It is advisable to make conscious use of intuition rather than have a haphazard, play it by ear, moment-to-moment sloppy interaction with it. A casual approach isn't going to develop intuition. A casual attitude and response to one's intuitive mind is not going to make the relationship solid. Just like human friendships - if you treat them superficially or neglect them they won't grow.

     Everyone has intuition. Everyone has experienced intuition. Everyone has felt the otherworldliness of intuition. Whether they want to admit it or not, everyone has felt the otherworldliness of intuition. Claim your intuition as real, make it solid and 'own it' when it happens overtly. Acknowledging an intuition-event. And, by the way, an intuition is never wrong because if it were wrong, it wouldn't be intuition. By the very definition of intuition, it's going to be a correct knowing. If an intuitive insight is wrong, it's what they call 'a bad guess'.

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