Shawn Randall recently completed her Crop Circle Masters Thesis:

Crop Circles: Opening a Non Local Window and Evolving consciousness


Watch the Crop Circle 5 min. Video here

A transformational metaphysical journey into the mystery of crop circles including sacred sites in England. 



Experience expanded consciousness and interdimensional connection

through facilitated crop circle and sacred site exploration.


*Visit numerous crop circles

*Channeling and meditations with Torah in crop circles

*Special access and meditation in Stonehenge

*Optional Helicopter flight over Crop Circles

*Visit Sacred sites including: Avebury, Silbury Hill ,

Glastonbury Tor and Abbey , Chalice Well ,

West Kennet Long Barrow, The Sanctuary


    The English countryside is rich in history, myth, and legend.

This is the land of Camelot where King Arthur resided. Merlin,

archetype of all magicians, lived here. Their secrets and magic

are still alive within the hills, fields, trees, and streams. Now,

modern miracles grace the landscape in the form of crop circles with their mystery, beauty and interdimensional connectedness. Join us on a mythic personal journey rich with meaning and transformation. Let the Crop Circles Magic touch you… as our Inner world touches the outer world.


    Each summer scores of geometric symbols, mandalas and beautiful patterns spontaneously appear in crop fields in the countryside of England. The mystery and beauty of this sacred geometry calls to us. Some have called Crop Circles 'humanity's wake up call'. Some say they touch our very soul...or activate our DNA in new ways. What are they? Who or what manifests them? What part do they play in our paradigm change? How do they change our perception of ourselves and our world?


    With Torah's assistance, we will enter the between-dimensional realms and interact with the ephemeral and transcendent aspects of the crop circle experience. We will become more aware of our true selves as multi-dimensional beings. We will discover a new mythology for ourselves and for our world - a new mythology of co-creation. Join us as we participate with the past and the future and make new maps in consciousness for our planet and ourselves.