Friends and Spirit Friends together again...


Dr.PEEBLES and TORAH together!

A Co-channeling

Sunday, September 2, 2018  1-5:00 pm


Center for Personal Transformation

1212 Costanso St.

Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Space limited, please reserve: call  (818) 888-2020 and


     Put Torah and Dr. Peebles together and watch the sparks of Light fly in all directions! A co-channeling like no other. Q & A: bring your questions!

     Who is Dr. Peebles?
The once human and historical Dr. James Martin Peebles born in 1822 was a prolific author, world traveler and leading spiritualist. Dr. Peebles now continues his “love affair with the beautiful blue planet earth” with wit and wisdom from the spirit side. He has been channeling through Athena Demetrios for more than 25 years bringing his wisdom with great humor and love.

     Who is Torah?  Channeled by Shawn Randall for 35 years now, Torah is an unconditionally loving non physical consciousness - a being no longer incarnating, who focuses on personal and spiritual integration. Torah and Shawn are internationally known for teaching the art of channeling; for workshops, in-depth private sessions and past life regressions.


Cost: $ 75 In advance / $80 at the door

Cash, check or Payment by PayPal welcome:

(use gift/friends/family option please)


Two channels, two remarkable unseen friends, who lovingly advise Self Responsibility for one's life as a creative adventure. Join the fun - not to be missed!




       Not to be missed!



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Dr. Peebles