Crop Circle Tour Itinerary

2020 Itinerary to be finalize later .


Travel Day - Fly to London, England Depart home destination to meet with tour at London Heathrow airport.    Please arrive prior to 1pm if possible.


Day 1 -  Arrive London Heathrow Scenic drive to Marlborough, Wiltshire.

Check-in into accommodations, opening ceremony, unpack and nap. Evening orientation. Drive to opening ceremony at Avebury Stone Circle. Channeling with Torah.


Day 2 -  Avebury Site, Crop Circle visit. Morning - group gathering with Shawn and Torah. Crop Circle visit. Tour Avebury sacred sites: Silbury Hill, The Sanctuary, West Kennet Long Barrow. Learn to use Dowsing rods.


Day 3 -  Sacred Sites. Special access into Stonehenge outside of normal tourist hours. Torah will lead a meditation inside the great stones. Visit Old Serum Medieval Castle ruins, Salisbury Cathedral, Woodhenge, and time for shopping.


Day 4 -  A fluid day. We go were the magic is! Crop Circles appear overnight and we need to stay open and flexible to be able to enter these beautiful creations within hours of their forming. We will leave this day open to allow for flexibility of schedule. Free time to co-create and explore.


Day 5 -  Glastonbury Tor and Abbey, Chalice Well and Symposium. Drive to Glastonbury. Glastonbury Abbey contains a grave reputed to be the resting place of King Arthur and Guinevere. The dual energy currents of England's most famous ley lines cross at the site of the high altar. Visit the tranquil gardens of the Chalice Well, a true healing place where you will be able to drink from the holy well. Some believe that the Holy Grail is hidden within the wellhead. Optional attendance at The Glastonbury Symposium - the longest running crop circle conference in England. Sunset hike up the Tor where the views are magnificent!


Day 6 - Morning group meeting and channeling by Torah, crop circles, free afternoon, Closing Ceremony.


Day 7Early check-out of hotel, transfer to Heathrow airport. It is a 2 hour drive to Heathrow. Please book flights that depart no earlier than 10:30am.

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