Miracles and the Functions of Crop Circles

Torah channeling through Shawn Randall


     We would like very much to open up with a few comments about this most wondrous phenomenon called Crop Circles. We would like to have you consider the parallel that they are what you call miracles. Miracles are indeed some phenomena that are beyond a certain time and space description. Beyond a certain control that you can have over them. You cannot control a miracle. Oh, you can create some tricks of magic and cause some pretty amazing things to happen. But to instantly manifest a true miracle you do not have that sense of control - that ability to harness unseen forces. You must - if you are wishing to participate with miracles - be humble. You must be in a very special place of openness and collaboration with universal forces. You must have quite an understanding that the physical realm is indeed an illusion of trapped light. And so, if miracles are all these things and if you think about crop circles as being like miracles it can help you to understand their mysterious miraculous nature, their true nature beyond time and space, beyond linear and logical explanation.


     So how do you comprehend something beyond linear and logical explanation when it is something you're physically, tangibly seeing? Well, that is the challenge. A new internal software that you as a human being can develop is needed and is very important. You are all developing a new internal software, that is new ways of thinking and feeling about your reality. And you are all doing that. You are discovering even at the scientific level, from your quantum physics, that the application of consciousness and intention and attention can change the wave function of the sub atomic into particles which coming together eventually form matter in that way. So wave function becoming particle function is the result of the energetics of observation and intention, the energy of consciousness itself.


     Could it be that crop circles are created out of moving wave function into particle function with a collaborative effort of many consciousnesses including human? Well, if that is the case and human consciousness is included in the creation of a crop circle how come people don't know it? Well, some do. Some people sit down and meditate very hard to cocreate a crop circle design "I want a pentagram in a circle". And they squeeze their energy out and they push it out and they push out their love and lo' and behold they may get a pentagram in a circle.


      But what about other crop circles that appear? Some seem to relate to things in humanity's history. Many formations are clearly connected to the collective unconscious mind, and its memories of bygone civilizations and cultures. So you can see from this there are things in the unconscious mind of human beings that are somehow manifested in crop circle depictions.


     Still the two energetics of attention and intention are also involved. Just because it's in the unconscious doesn't mean it doesn't have attention and intention. For example, your unconscious mind has intention and attention every time you have a good dream. And especially when you have a nightmare. You feel it's very real; it's there in from the unconscious mind with intention and attention. There's some intention going on. What is the function of your dreams? Well they function for you in many ways. Those of you who study dreams, dreams function to balance things out with the psyche, to maybe release things, maybe to balance things, maybe give you a little precognition on something coming you need to be prepared for. Maybe to show you some of your innate love and divinity. Dreams…. how do they function? They function with attention and intention with the unconscious mind. But they function for many intricate purposes. And so do crop circles.