The Many Functions of Crop Circles

     Like dreams crop circles function from the unconscious mind and include the unconscious mind. But how do crop circles function? What is their function? If dreams are there to function to balance you and align you (among other things), to what end are the crop circles functioning? In other words, perhaps more important than asking who or what is making crop circles is WHY are they being made. What is their function? And there is where the fun begins, there is where you want to look, there's where you can expand your view of your reality.


     Crop circles are certainly functioning to wake humanity up. But it doesn't mean that you're dead asleep. It simply means there is more view opening now, there's more to look at, more to observe in the wonder of life, the beauty of life - in the beauty, the wonder of the crop circle. They are functioning in part to awaken humanity to beauty, to wonder, to magic, to mystery, to sacred geometry, to certain organizing principles, to diatonic ratios, to music, to reconciling duality, and to the interconnectedness of consciousness.


     Another function of the crop circles is that they are clearly showing a holographic view of the universe. They are showing the holographic nature of the universe. Each crop circle is in its way a hologram. If you think of each one as a hologram, well there's a wonderful way to experience one of their functions! They are functioning to show you that the holographic view of the universe is absolutely real. And that's exciting!


    Many people who have been to the crop circles with the channel (Shawn) have said to her "If you had told me ten years ago I would be tromping through the mud, in the rain, in England, in the country, in the middle of summer I would have said you're crazy. But I'm happy to be doing this here, I'm happy to be in a crop circle - it's like being in a miracle". So crop circles are also functioning to bring people into the field - into appreciating nature. They are opening minds, inspiring meditation, healing and oh so much more.


     Crop circles are shaking up the consensus view of reality because there is no linear logical explanation for them. And isn't it a happy way to shake up the consensus reality? Better this than some horrific world war or inner conflict within humanity!


     Crop circles are functioning to exhibit that the unified field of consciousness is real. There is such a thing as a unified field. And the unified field of consciousness can collaborate with intention and attention and produce beautiful miracles. Perhaps the biggest function of all is that crop circles demonstrate principles of cocreation. You are cocreating with other intelligences of the universe. Your reality in a new emerging paradigm is not just about you anymore (never really was). But now as your view of yourselves becomes more cosmic and galactic you are aware there's more to the unified field than your solar system. The collective unconscious includes more than the people, biped, walking around on planet Earth.


     The collective unconscious goes far beyond planet Earth. And now you are becoming aware the collective unconscious is a part of a unified field that is cocreating - cocreating a new paradigm of the future.


     One of the many primary reasons why the crop circles are here is to evidence, to demonstrate, and to express cocreation. And as a human you can be aware that you are part of it. There is such a wonderful wake up going on! People are becoming more aware of the elements, working with the elementals, working with earth energies, oh so many wonderful energies, devic energies, unseen friends, etc. - cocreating, cocreating. (Yes, Earth energies and devic energies are involved in cocreating some of the crop circles.) So here we can see that crop circles a re functioning to show you cocreation in action.


Humility and Love

     There is a level of humility that true cocreation asks of you - and a level of wonder. Most of all true cocreation asks of you a level of love. A certain level in your unified field functions primarily with the energy of love. The strongest attention and intention come essentially from that energy and consciousness that is the dynamic of love. For us to say that, 'well, there is a very physical thing that happens to make a crop circle happen - it's a few little men that sit at a computer somewhere' would greatly limit the love, would limit the cocreation, would limit the unified field, and would make the phenomena so much less than what it truly is. But if you can begin to open to the nature of the true oneness of the universe and the Universal Intelligence, then you can begin to see how you are a part of it



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