Torah and Shawn Randall


Many might ask, 'Why bother with crop circle co-creation? What is that all about?'

      Crop circle co-creation is a very beautiful metaphor for the change, the stretch, the inclusion of a greater paradigm - and of course 'the shift' that is happening on the planet (a shift in consciousness and many things). So crop circle co-creation is a part of that. It is an opportunity to interact with a consciousness shift within humanity. It is an opportunity to interact with and also be a part of a consciousness shift. This is a very very big subject, to say the least.

      You are aware that you create your own reality...Going one step further to the subject of co-creation with 'other' is so much more than the subject of creating your own reality. It includes a kind of humility and willingness for things to be new. Co-creation includes a very special kind of openness - openness to the mystery, openness to mysticism, openness to the unknown. This is why a lot of people like to shy away from the idea of co-creation - discomfort with the unknown and mystery itself.

       If you are channeling you are already co-creating with unseen friends - you've already co-created a relationship with them - a loving multidimensional relationship...With what you have learned from that journey you can go further now with the forces of the universe and with the unknowns of the universe (the unseen realms). We say this because the same organizing principles apply to channeling as apply to co-creation with unseen forces. Ah, what are those organizing principles?

      That is a subject too big a subject to really cover here. However, at the most basic level we must tell you that the most important two organizing principles are intention and purpose. In other words, what is the intention of a certain co-creation and what is its purpose. When those two important dynamics are aligned with spirit, aligned with the unseen then co-creation can occur.

      For the intentions and purposes of a co-creation to be aligned with spirit is an intricate process. Now we are making a certain comparative basic assumption here that crop circle makers are 'spirit.' We are doing that knowingly and specifically. We would suggest that from your point of view they are spirit. Perhaps from others point of view and from their point of view they might not term it that way.

      But from your point of view circlemakers function and are much like spirit - like unseen friends. It is important to understand that. They also have a certain degree of developmental specifics closer to human personality than spirit - but that's a   big subject too. Suffice to say that when working with crop circlemakers and the like, you are dealing with consciousness that is much like spirit because it is well intended and because it is very loving towards humanity. That common denominator applies between spirit and crop circlemakers.