We hesitate to use the term crop circlemakers. "Artists of wisdom" is a phrase we prefer. Artists of wisdom implies that the art contains wisdom - and it does. It also implies that the artists have wisdom and that is also true. 'Arists of wisdom' also implies they have art to share - and they care to share, care to express, care to connect. At a deeper more unseen level the artists of wisdom share something much in common with humanity and that is the collective unconscious. That is indeed another very big subject. For as they share at the level of the collective unconscious they are able to feel the oneness with humanity - thought humanity stretches not to feel the oneness with them - and yet the oneness IS there. The oneness is there. It is implicate. It is in the implicate order (of all). It is up to human beings to seek it and to find it. Not that it is outside of them. On the contrary, it is inside. The implicate order of connectedness is there within. And it is the link through - and vis-a-vis - the collective unconsciousness is there making so many symbols so many artistic, mathematical and scientific renderings common between humanity and this 'other' (artists of wisdom).


So as humanity may have a Pythagorean concept and its meaning - such as the squaring of the circle - so too do the unseen friends artists of wisdom crop circle makers also have that understanding and maybe more. There is commonality. There is some sharing at the level of the collective unconscious. And we can say that what humanity holds in its collective unconscious is a little more conscious to the artists of wisdom. They are a little more conscious of their unconscious, the unconscious, the collective unconscious than humanity is generally speaking. (There are individuals within humanity who are quite conscious of collective unconscious wisdom, imagery, commonality and multidimensionality.) By and large humanity is discovering how to make what is in the collective unconscious more conscious. And the artists of wisdom - the crop circlemakers - are more in touch with that (the collective unconscious).

This explains many things that are observed by researchers within the phenomenon of crop circles. So this interconnectedness is the shift of paradigm right underneath your noses! And sometimes right there in a wheat field. So it is an exciting time on planet Earth even thought there are many issues and problems to be addressed by humanity on Earth - many, many, absolutely.

Remember intention and purpose for improving and uplifting humanity and assuring continuity of the resources of planet Earth - then one finds there is a sense of substance to these endeavors. And to the endeavors of crop circle co-creation.

Crop circles are heralding and harbingers of great change that has already begun. It's not that they are bringing the change - they are simply expressing it. It is happening anyway. By expressing the change, crop circles are able to focus on the change. Think about it, contemplate it, ponder the shift in dimensionality and the new paradigm of perception. Crop circles can help people to focus on a new way of approaching quantum thought and quantum theory. Crop circles can help people to focus upon contemplation of many things: mathematical, alchemical, archetypal, mythic, historic - even future technology. Crop circles can help people to focus upon care for the planet, love of the earth, love of the crops and love for humanity. - Torah [Torah is a multidimensional consciousness channeled by Shawn Randall.]


Shawn writes:

If you would care to join us we are focusing on the interconnectedness with 'artists of wisdom' - as Torah calls them - with the intention of co-manifesting a mandala-like formation in a crop field. The mandala-like formation would express the idea of ongoing conscious connection with 'other'. Our group sees an image of concentric squares (perhaps 3) with a spiral in the middle and a circle midst the spiral. It looks like three entry's linked together.


Taking Torah's above comments into the equation the design could also express the idea that the interconnectedness of human and 'other' assists the evolution of the collective unconscious becoming more conscious. The design may be symbolic of that and much more that you feel.


You may wish to draw the image. Look at it frequently. Contemplate what it means to you. Feel the oneness Torah referred to. Add your intention and attention.


And we'll watch the fields this summer...

Love and Light,


Copyright 2007, Shawn Randall







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