Crop Circles: A Genuine Mystery
A Brief Overview
By Shawn Randall


Crop circles are designs pressed or laid, into fields of wheat, barley, or oil seed rape (canola). These crop formations appear in fields all over the world, yet they are the most concentrated in England. Crop circles 'appear' usually over night during spring and summer. The crop is not destroyed by the formations that appear, it is simply bent down. Once the wheat crop is harvested the design is gone from the field.


A small portion of the crop circles are made by humans for their own personal reasons. However, the vast majority still proves to be of unknown origin. The scientific community has for the moment deemed the phenomenon of crop circles to be an unexplainable mystery.


What we do know is that the crop designs relay symbols that directly relate to the human consciousness and the unconscious mind. As the designs are studied in depth humanity is learning more about itself, its past, present and some would say, its future.


Personally I feel that in many ways crop circles are a bridge to humanity's future. It is up to us to define what that future and our global self image will be.


Crop circles can provoke thought, stimulate imagination and help us to dream. They help us to see our own beauty and value; after all, some part of our collective consciousness is allowing them to be a physical part of our reality.


Whatever amalgamation of energies, conditions, or consciousness produces the physical phenomenon of crop circles, they are, in the end, a gift of love.

Shawn Randall,
Metaphysical teacher, channel and crop circles researcher


Copyright 2008, Shawn Randall

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