‘Plato’ and Fortius on the board

“Right humanness”


Affirmation invocation

Shawn: Is there someone here that wishes to communicate with us?


Hello I am a friend to all called Plato – not the one you are thinking of. I simply take the name to introduce a perspective. I came as associate of other board friends and in response to the subject matters in view lately. Oh, yes the neutral spaces and stillness within are always relevant in your daily life.


Plato: They offer you access to all all all wisdom. The well from which wisdom bubbles forth is found in stillness. In Plato’s day the mathematics and geometric principles being uncovered came from there. So too principles of “right humanness” to coin a phrase, the stillness place within reaches deeply into the collective mind level. Yet individuality is ever rediscovering itself. A delightful paradox.


Pause. Energy Change.

Shawn: Can you  elaborate on “right humanness”?


Fortius: I am Fortius and yes right humanness is a decidedly important albeit broad subject. It holds the secret of living in peaceful cooperation for all humanity. At its core is compassion: the ability to comprehend and appreciate another’s point of view. Celebrating differences takes it up another level.


Now I say to all - the stillness sea always waits for you to dive in.

Love and happy submerging.