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New 10 week channeling class Saturday September 10th 3-6pm!  -  

We invite you to connect mentally and physically with the beings of Light and Love you have agreed to know. A process of being loved.  ZOOM classess opens the opportunity for those outside Los Angeles to attend.  Wherever you are, you can attend class!

A 10 week series. $500.00.  A $50 deposit will hold your space.  Please register on PayPal to torahandshawn@aol.com (under the option gift/family/friends please) and call (818) 888-2020. I look forward to talking with you and having you in our classes!

OR send a check for $500.00 total fee or $50.00 deposit to: Shawn Randall  21212 Costanso St. Woodland Hills, CA 91364  For more information and video: Website: www.shawnrandall.com  Email: torahandshawn@aol.com or shawn@shawnrandall.com  Questions? Call (818) 888-2020. Shawn is happy to answer your queries!


Ongoing Intermediate and Advanced Channeling Classes are continuing to meet on ZoomIf you are in one of the current ongoing classes and need information please email Shawn for dates, times and Zoom links.



Torah continues to bring us wisdom and support for these times. “The Times You Are In” see ARTICLES.



“Welcome!  Welcome, to the Joy of Discovery!” – Torah

NOTE: If you have to miss any classes over the 10 week course duration a recording of the meeting will be sent to you upon request. *Now offering certification. 

Torah is endlessly inventive in creating exercises and meditations that will enhance our ability to welcome the healing and the love our unseen friends are so eager to give us.  Torah is very loving, but also very savvy...His patience and wisdom are mind-blowing to me. Most precious of all, Torah has helped me to allow my entity to come through, and that matters to me more than I ever would have believed possible.”   -  Sherri S.



I am compelled to express to you my admiration and gratitude. You are and have been on the vanguard of conscious awareness for some time now. By developing tangible focused relationships with your guides, Higher Self and Unseen Friends you have taken on an elevated level of self-responsibility for your spiritual growth. You have also realized you are a co-creator of your life and world - a co-creator with the Unseen dimensions of Universal Order and Love. It is a privilege to be a part, however small, of your spiritual journey.                                       I honor you... Shawn Randall


Crop Circle Tour in Wiltshire, England with Shawn Randall

Due to the current global pandemic Shawn Randall did not conduct a crop circle and sacred sites tour in England in 2022.  2023 is a new year!  We’ll see.

  Click CROP CIRCLES page for more info



Hear Shawn Randall interviewed by Daniel Scranton on Blogtalkradio.  Includes information about channeling and Torah taking questions from callers. The program will be archived at this same link...listen anytime!

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/enlightenment_evolution_network/2015/03/24/heart-to-heart-talk-radio-with special-guest-shawn