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 Torah, a wise unseen friend

Channeled by Shawn Randall - March 2020


Greetings indeed to all of you, to each of you, welcome indeed. For us there’s no time and space so it is that we are right there with you and you’re right here with us (if you want to be). We welcome you. These are most unusual times, as you well know.


The Times You Are In


Let’s talk about the times you’re in, to give you a sense of grounding, to give you a sense of where you are in space and time in your world. Right now your world is very topsy turvy and it’s almost lost its mooring, its sense of where it is in space and in time and how it sees itself, if you will. An undeniable pandemic is at hand.


The world now is in a time of history.  A time without a clear conclusion or resolution to its story - yet. A rare time indeed. History in the making. A world that doesn’t know how to see itself.


To give you a perspective, these times are already being compared to the massive historical time that was World War II.  With World War II; the world was greatly changed, so completely affected. And the changes were global. Everyone was touched by the war and its affects. The impact of WWII changed the lifestyle of people’s daily life, food availability, travel and freedom for everyone. Economic freedom did not exist.


How will you see this in the future?


You are absolutely in a historical time right now. This gives you the opportunity to think forward as if you’re in the future. You will be able to say, “I was there. I was there in the time of the global pandemic of 2020. I was there.”  Perhaps you will think:  “What did I do then? What did I do? How did I help? (Or not) What did I learn? What was I thinking? What do I remember most?”


Behavioral Changes


There is vast opportunity here for deep contemplation and rich growth.

How people are behaving now is changing and improving day by day, and this is saying a lot about their/your ability to change and grow. We have to say that there are some very positive aspects in human behavior that are emerging right now. People treating people with more consideration, politeness, and caring. Neighbors talking to neighbors that they’ve never spoken before, bringing people food, offering to help and even walking each other’s dogs - all sorts of helpful activities. Many many many beautiful things being done for other people, and the homeless as well. Kindness is in the air.


So there’s a level of heightened compassion, a level of heightened awareness, and you’re right in the middle of it. You can’t ignore it. You can’t just sit it out. Even people sitting at home can’t ignore it. It’s everywhere in the media too. Right? People are coming together (even though staying physically distant).


So, taking the perspective: Okay, I am IN history that is in the making, ask yourself, ‘What am I going to do with that?’ First: observe it; observe it on many many many levels,


Part of History


In a certain way to be a part of this history is, in its strange way, a gift.  Look back at how all the people that participated in WW2 (and some of the soldiers that are still alive) talk about those WW2 times. Notice they speak with a great reverence, because they knew they were saving the world from the murderous fascism of Hitler and totalitarian dominance. They knew they were saving the world. They knew they were saving the world. And so are you, right now,




The Times You Are In”