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July 10:   7pm – 10 pm.    DANCE IT OUT!     NEW: A MONTHLY CLASS FOR

“DANCING IN YOUR SHOES”  Second Wednesday of each month. “DANCE IT OUT” is a movement and music-based activity, a body/mind process, whereby individuals freely express and/or release certain emotions through freeform physical dance movement aided by chosen music. (This growth modality is loosely related to “Walking in Your Shoes”).  Torah will help clarify the focus.  $40   Woodland Hills. Contact Shawn: (818) 888-2020

“We’ll dance it out”!


July 21- Awakenings Bookstore Laguna Hills

“Your Rebirth – Transform a Birth Pattern” Sunday: 1-5pm

Channeled workshop with Torah.   This workshop will help you identify and re-pattern a blueprint, energy, belief or behavior that began unconsciously at birth with a specific event. (Example: “I am not good enough”)   Awakenings Metaphysical Bookstore -

Laguna Hills, 25260 La Paz Rd.  Laugna Hills, CA 92653

Call Awakenings (949) 457-0797 to RSVP        (click here for info)




BEGINS IN LATE AUGUST.  Registration now open...

Date: TBA  -  Location:  Woodland Hills, CA

10 Week Series….$450  Reserve now as classes fill up.  We invite you to connect mentally and physically with the beings of Light and Love you have agreed to know.  A process of being loved.  A joy filled journey with your Unseen Friends!   (818) 888-2020 or email torahandsawn@aol.com


WHAT IS CHANNELING and mp3 of Torah below.

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August 4 - A Sunday Co-channeling with Athena Demetrios.

Torah and Dr. Peebles together! Sunday 1:00 – 5:00

“Being a Co-creator with Spirit” Office: 21212 Costanso St. Woodland Hills, 91364 Two amazing Unseen Friends. Please reserve.

Event will fill up. $75 in advance, $80 at the door.  (818) 888-2020 or email torahandshawn@aol.com        (click here for more information)



PRIVATE SESSIONS WITH TORAH                             

IN PERSON: at Woodland Hills (Los Angeles) office.

BY PHONE: Call from wherever you are.

BY SKYPE: Easy and simple.  Includes mp3 recording.

Phone and Skype sessions are prepaid at PayPal.com  Pay to: torahandshawn@aol.com  (Pay under gift/family/friends option please)

To book an appointment:  (818) 888-2020 or email shawn@shawnrandall.com or torahandshawn@aol.com  Sessions are generally scheduled between 11am and 4pm Monday through Friday.

See TORAH page for more detail about what is possible in a private session.

NOTE:  In addition to Torah’s insights on your life, processes, past lives, blockages and how to eliminate them etc., Torah coaches new channels on gaining confidence in channeling and being totally ’out of the way’ while channeling.  This is paramount to the integrity of clear, direct voice channeling.

FEES: In Office Session: 60 minutes: $175 / 90minutes $215

            Phone or Skype: 60 minutes $175 / 90 minutes $215


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   Conversations With an Unseen Friend



SHAWN RANDALL M.A. is a graduate of the University of Philosophical Research and an internationally known full trance channel for a wise and loving consciousness who calls himself TORAH. Together they specialize in a depth approach to personal and spiritual development and are widely known for teaching the skill and art of channeling since 1984.  (Article WHAT IS CHANNELING? is linked at bottom of page)


See Shawn and Torah in channeling documentary “Tuning In” on You Tube.


Welcome to a wondrous journey of self discovery, self acceptance, self empowerment and self love! Channeling offers a multidimensional point of view of all that we are and all that we do.  We are much more that we know!



Torah Channeled by Shawn Randall -”Joy Workshop”