Changing a Personal Birth Blueprint

Transform a Birth Pattern and Unlock Hidden Potentials


A Transformative One-day Workshop with TORAH

Channeled by Shawn Randall


Sunday, May 6, 2018   

10:30 am – 6:00 pm

Center for Personal Transformation

21212 Costanso St Woodland Hills 91364


What is a birth pattern?

At least one part of yourself is hidden and in need of rebirth.  An unlimited aspect of you has become disempowered through some deeply entrenched birth pattern (something that happened to you at or around birth physically and/or emotionally), which could also be called a blueprint.


What is rebirth? 

Change the imprint! Torah will help you identify and re-pattern that blueprint, that energy, belief or behavior which began at birth with a specific event such as getting ‘stuck’ in the birth canal or unexpected caesarian birth.  Such events reside as an imprint in our body and unconscious mind.  Imprints influence our belief systems. One’s relationship to ‘mother’ is a significant aspect that may emerge from the work of the workshop. How did mother behave toward you and with you in utero? During and after birth?

Rebirth involves regeneration and initiation of new powers and abilities that are already inside of you awaiting their rebirth into freedom and success. Your focused intention to make such a change can make it happen!


Torah will facilitate your awareness of a personal blueprint through guided meditations with your Higher Self and sharing. He will assist you to rebirth and re-pattern a specific blueprint that may be long forgotten in the unconscious mind – an aspect that holds great abilities. This is a topic very relevant in this 2018 time of humanity’s evolution. Meditations and discussion with Torah will be included. This workshop will involve delight and joy…not to be missed for your 2018 journey!


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Changing a Personal Birth Blueprint

Transform a Birth Pattern and Unlock Hidden Potentials