Paying through PayPal

~ It is very secure ~

With PayPal, you can easily and conveniently send money to Shawn Randall through her email address for her various services: classes, workshops, teleseminars,

private sessions with Torah or Ralio poetry books (and more to come!)


Here's how:
go to: https:/
Log in to your PayPal account. (You can easily create one by going to the sign up link). 

Click “Send Money.”


Enter the email address you want to send money to ( and the amount you want to send. Please add a $5 convenience fee for using  PayPal to the fee amount you are sending for purchase of services.

Select “Purchase” or “Personal”, then choose the reason for the payment
Click “Continue.”

Review the amount, the payment method, and shipping address. Add a message (if you want to), then

Click “Send Money.”

Shawn Randall will be sent an email letting her know that you've sent money for a payment.

When you send money PayPal uses your PayPal balance first. If you don't have
enough money in your PayPal balance, they will use the payment method you select

(credit card or checking account)