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New:   Torah and Shawn are featured in a new book ”The Secrets of LOST” by Rev. Gillian V. Harris, M.S.P.             Torah addresses multidimensionality related to the television series “LOST”


Also:   A new poem by RALIO, an unseen friend who graces us with his wit and wisdom

           from the Ouija board.        (click here Ralio Poem)


And: A book of Ralio’s poems, beautifully orchestrated with photographs, is now available by

           by calling   (818) 888-2020. 


Webcast On Channeling at and/or Itunes for Pod Cast: 

           Shawn Randall and Torah were guests of psychologist Dr. Michelle on her “On the Couch” LA Talk            Radio show on the Internet.     The show features an interview on channeling with a visit from Torah.            The show is archived for re-plays or downloads at listed

           by date and time. (Friday, March 19, 2011 11:00 AM)  The show is also available on ITunes for free, if

           anyone prefers to listen to Pod Casts at:


Downloads: hear Shawn and Torah guesting on 2 LATalkRadio web programs:

           Torah and Shawn were a guest of Dave Cohen on “Teen Trends with Dave & Friends” on

           LA Talk Radio live on the Internet.  The link to his shows is: 

           Then go to his personal link on Ch 1.  The shows are archived on the LA Talk Radio website.

           Teen Trends - July 31, 2011. 

           These can be downloaded free from LA archives or ITunes.


Tuning In, the Book, by David Thomas : featuring Shawn Randall and Torah, is available

           at Barnes and Nobel bookstores and  This book is much much more than the

           film “Tuning In”.  “Our nonphysical friends have answered our call to remind us of who we

           really are...we are realizing all our self-imposed prisons have only shadows for bars.”

                                                                                                                             David Thomas


*Shawn Randall Webcast: She appeared as a guest on ERadio program Positively Psychic

           and was interviewed regarding crop circles.  The show has been posted at

   and can be heard anytime.      



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