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                                  ABOUT TORAH

     Torah is a non-physical being who simply refers to himself as "multidimensional consciousness no longer choosing to incarnate." Torah communicates through Shawn while she is in deep trance, a comfortable and natural altered state of consciousness. Shawn meditatively moves her consciousness aside allowing Torah's words to flow easily through her. Together they have been helping people since 1983.

     The name 'Torah' is used by Torah as a way of referencing his consciousness in the generic sense, i.e. meaning: 'teaching of Love and Light.' (The name is not intended to be a direct or specific reference to the Hebrew sacred texts).  Torah exudes an unconditionally loving presence that allows the individuals he speaks with to feel relaxed, comfortable… and very loved.

                                                    "...the experience is deeply personal..."
C. Lee, L.A. Weekly


       Torah and Shawn choose to focus on all areas of personal growth through self awareness, self responsibility and process work. They are dedicated to the evolution and development of consciousness on both personal and global levels.  Torah and Shawn appear in the new film “Tuning In”, the first documentary about channeling.  To purchase a copy go to the Links page.

Growth Process Work Includes:

      Connecting people more closely with their Higher Self, inner guidance and/or unseen friends * Creating and conducting guided visualizations or manifestation techniques specific to the individual's needs * Facilitating the healing of past lives and their influences in the present * Helping individuals to release and transform reservoirs of stored emotions that may be blocking positive life desires * Dialoguing with individuals and aspects of the personality such as "inner child", "adolescent", "inner critic", or any aspect of the personality that might be standing in the way of growth, success and happiness * Exploring and changing one's personal patterns of primary life transitions including birth blueprints.

"A journey into the NEW is always
                  a journey into more of
YOU...                                              Torah

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Complimentary Guided Meditation by Torah

For individuals holding fear of earthquakes this recording can make a difference.As cocreators we have the opportunity to focus our consciousness to allow more safety and security into our lives – even in our geology. With so many earthquakes in California recently Torah has given an 8 minute meditation for guiding focused intention upon California earth movements to occur in unpopulated locations with harm to none. We know the earth tectonics must move, yet why not safely and with respect for all of life?   With this meditation we participate as cocreators with the Earth for humankind’s conscious evolution. (Click  Here for Link to Play)